Presentation folders

When you are considering your company / organization as a brand then its almost impossible without having a corporate / exclusive impression. To meet with corporate impression you must need to have your company presented in the way that brands do, there of lot of communication is happen on daily routine and your sales and marketing team meat many classy people regular basis and present them your literature, here on most required product is presentation folders that carry your stuff like letterheads, brochures, flyers, corresponds etc.
Presentation folders are generally made by paper with exclusive design printing on it, in UAE’s most common folders are printed on 350 gsm paper with pocket inside where you keep your stuff, on pocket there are always given two cuts that are consider as business card’s holder, just imagine your quotation presenting to your client in your branding based presentation folder that are not readymade available in stationery shops, but having your own logo on it with some attractive graphics to catch attentions.

Presentation folders are generally used as multipurpose few companies print it both sides means inside and outside, they use outside and title printing as their brand impression and inside they give exclusive information about their company like their flyers or brochures, in that case folder becomes all in one solution that fulfill your requirements of envelops and flyers at the same time, if you don’t want to spend much on your stationery then must go with folder printing as it will cover your cost of envelops and flyers both.